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PHP-Nuke Titanium (US Version)

PHP-Nuke Titanium Themes

Theme Information: Xtreme v3b Theme Release

Posted by TheGhost Tue Oct 18, 2022 5:35 pm

Xtreme v3b Theme Release
Last Updated:
 October 10/18/2022 by Ernest Allen Buffington

This theme was written and designed by multiple people.

Main Designer(s) Developers(s)

  • Ernest Buffington


  • coRpSE

  • TheMortal

  • Lonestar

  • killigan

  • SgtLegend

  • Technocrat

  • Eyecu

  • Wolfstar


Theme Updates

  • Updated Theme Header for Titanium v4x.x

  • Added 2 Scrolling Marquees

  • Added Center Logos

  • Added Welcome Message

  • Updated Theme Menu

  • Fixed Theme Index Margins 

  • Fixed Theme Article Margins

  • Added Separate Flykit files


To Do

  • Fix Forum Table Colors

  • Fix All Buttons

This theme was originally designed for Nuke-Evolution Xtreme the UK version. As it goes because of the design of the PHP-Nuke Titanium software and for all intents and purposes the original design of PHP-Nuke and Evolution-Xtreme there is a certain level of need that takes place in the design of a completely modular CMS. These CMS systems were created with a tabular interface and require the use of the original HTML tables, unlike other CMS software. It is a hoax that they are going to do away with tables. Adobe took part in this hoax as well when they made excuses to keep from having a programming team that they spent millions of dollars on for the Adobe Fireworks project. Tables are a necessity in many cases and they do not affect the SEO abilities of PHP-Nuke Titanium, we have written an Advanced Google Site Map that fixes any issues that could ever arise. 

So you think that because you heard someone say you should not use tables in a design layout and that it is bad you're going to exercise learning a new way to design themes? Great, and I implore you to do just that, however, tables are not going anywhere and we have used them for more than 30 years and nothing is broken. Using HTML tables has helped us design layouts that are awesome and more graphically advanced and intense. I have been designing layouts and programming for as long as computers have existed, a short time after punch cards were phased out. We used tables in the beginning and we use tables now...

We have the ability to detect browsers and devices and serve content accordingly and we will do so with PHP-Nuke Titanium. Stop taking advice from people who do not have the experience required to be giving solid technical advice. When another programmer makes a blanket statement that designing websites with tables is bad he obviously has only been doing what I do for a few years, he lacks experience and I understand. Is It bad to use tables to design a website? If the CMS does not require a tabular interface to keep the modular system intact you should not use tables for the design interface. If the CMS is using the Francis Framework then it is okay to use tables and in fact, in most cases, it is required to keep from breaking modular advanced graphic layouts.  

The original Xtreme Theme version 3.0 is a perfect example of why we need tables when working with a modular interface like PHP-Nuke Titanium. HTML has not come far enough to be designing graphics for a fully automated graphics system like PHP-Nuke Titanium. The size of your data and or graphics changes too dramatically for you to rely on a standard grid system. You can use all the new HTML5 bells and whistles with HTML Tables.

What Is a Grid Layout?

In web design, a grid layout is a way of structuring and organizing page content such as text, images, buttons, and other elements. A grid layout segments the web page into columns of equal width. Elements are placed and aligned within these column boundaries.

The grid layout is more of a concept than a defined method. To implement a grid layout, designers follow a particular grid system, a set of specific rules for how a grid should be formatted.

There are many grid systems in use today, one of the most popular being the 12-column variant of the 960 Grid System.

This system divides the width of the page into 12 columns, each 60 pixels wide, separated by 20-pixel spaces. Designers unflatteringly refer to the spaces between columns as “gutters".

Grid systems like 960 are very, very common on the web — they inform the design of the vast majority of websites. While it’s difficult to get an exact count, I’d wager that at least nine of your 10 most-frequented sites probably follow a grid layout to some extent.

We use grid layouts, we just do not use them for everything...

What Is a Dysfunctional Grid?

A dysfunctional grid is when you try to design some sort of advanced graphic layout and in turn, it breaks the modular layout upon loading.

This is what happened with Xtreme v3.0. All though it was only one glitch it destroyed the symmetric relationship the modular page load was supposed to have with the data output.

We could have fixed it, but it was with shared emotion, that many have said why would I change something that already works, and we totally agree!

We have no worries with PHP-Nuke Titanium and the long list of reasons to stop using or not use tables at all does not pertain to us. We do not have a single event ever that involves anything on the list of reasons tables are bad for design layouts.

With that being said, PHP-Nuke Titanium has the ability to serve any type of system based on each device. It is widely known that if you view it on a PC it is referred to as a desktop application, and that is who we originally catered to. PHP-Nuke Titanium is for folks that want something fancy!

PHP-Nuke Titanium may very well be the last of the Mohicans when it comes to having a Gamer site or just a macked-out personal site that is packed full of BLING!

We got you and we will keep making PHP-Nuke Titanium better...



Ernest Allen Buffington

avatar  Data Scientist / Programmer
  name: Ernest Allen Buffington
  email: ernest.buffington[at]
  Address: 1071 Emerald Drive
  Address: Brandon, Florida 33511
  Cell: 813-846-2865
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